Donald McCarthy


December 2016 - Article on the effects of protesting in Trump's America

October 2016 - Fictional story "Stalingrad"featured on PlotsWithGuns.

October 2016 - Essay on The Right Wing's Political Correctness featured on DrunkMonkeys.

September 2016 - Article on How the New Atheist Movement Blew a Big Opportunity to Bring Acceptance to Non-Believers.

August 2016 - Article on Guns, NRA and politics "Made in America".

June 2016 - Article at on Looking the other way: The accepted sexual abuse of young boys by institutional powers.

May 2016 - short story “Class Warfare” featured at for the Monday are Murders feature.

"Honorable Mention" in Glimmer Train's Short Story Award For New Writers, January/February 2016 for his short story "A Different Me".

April 2016 - POLITICS: Work Sucks: Examining a Capitalist Myth

April 2016 - Short story in the latest issue of Vagabonds "Anthology of the Mad Ones" which is available through

March 2016 - POLITICS: Cable News Pundit For Hire

February 2016 - 'Dehumanizing: Why the 2016 Election Will Have a Negative Effect on Muslims Across the World'

February 2016 - 'How the X-Files Responded to the End of History'

December 2015 - "The Flaw Beneath the Skin" in the story collection "Hidden In Plain Sight" on sale now.

October 2015 - "The Opera of Samhain," in the short story collection "The Perennial Miss Wildthyme," put out by Obverse Books.

October 2015 - Finalist in the Words Apart Magazine's Fiction 2015 contest.


Donald McCarthy currently lives on Long Island in New York. He is a graduate of City College of New York's MFA program and tutors and teaches at SUNY Old Westbury. His writing has appeared in Salon, Alternet, Pseudopod, The Progressive Populist, Screen Spy, KZine, The Washington Pastime, and more. He is currently an ongoing writer for the website Drunk Monkeys where he writes about all sorts of topics from politics to television to the films of David Lynch.

Because everyone loves to hear about favorites, here are his: his favorite film is Mulholland Drive, favorite book is Duma Key, favorite poem is Richard Cory, favorite album is The Rising, and favorite television show is The Sopranos.

Oddly enough, he has an extreme dislike of cheese and doesn't see what's so special about the beach.