Donald McCarthy


March 2018 - Opinion piece in The Irish Times on March 17, 20018.

April 2017 - No Country for Peaceful Men: The United States Covets War, and Syria is a Convenient Enemy

February 2017 - The Power and Limits of Political Art in the Time of Trump

February 2017 - A People Ignored: The Future of Protest in America

January 2017 - How Can Democrats Reach Millennials? It's Easy: Climate Change

December 2016 - The Russia Conundrum: How Can Democrats Avoid Getting Entangled in a Losing Issue?

December 2016 - In the Age of Trump, Protests Have Never Been More Critical

October 2016 - Essay on The Right Wing's Political Correctness featured on DrunkMonkeys.

September 2016 - Article on How the New Atheist Movement Blew a Big Opportunity to Bring Acceptance to Non-Believers.

August 2016 - Article on Guns, NRA and politics "Made in America".

June 2016 - Article at on Looking the other way: The accepted sexual abuse of young boys by institutional powers.

May 2016 - short story “Class Warfare” featured at for the Monday are Murders feature.

April 2016 - POLITICS: Work Sucks: Examining a Capitalist Myth

"POLITICS: Cable News Pundit For Hire". March 2016

"Dehumanizing: Why the 2016 Election Will Have a Negative Effect on Muslims Across the World". February 2016

Article in The Progressive Populist about Bernie Sanders; also available on their website. September 27, 2015

"Ferguson: The State Attacks the People" re: the Michael Brown shooting. November 2014

"The Clinton Legacy Part One: Bill". November 2014

"Snowden, Manning, Assange: Why Does Society Mistrust Whistleblowers?". November 2014

"You Don’t Know Dick: The Life and Lies of Dick Cheney". July 2014

"Guess Who Benefits From Austerity" The Progressive Populist. November 1, 2012.

"Illegal Immigration: An Economic and Human Rights Dilemma." Commentarista. July 29, 2011.

"Capitalism on the Rocks." The Progressive Populist. Vol. 17. No. 21. December 1, 2011.

David Lynch:

January 2019 - Essay in Critical Essays on Twin Peaks: The Return. The first book-length study of the third season of the cult program that changed the face of television in the early 1990s.

July 2017 - Essay appearing in "Approaching Twin Peaks: Critical Essays on the Original Series" available for sale on amazon.

June 2018 - Twin Peaks Presentation at the IFC Theater. I am the last speaker and appear at 1:09:40. If you wish to watch the entire presentation, you can view it here.

May 2017 - ‘How’s Annie?’: Why the Rebus of ‘Twin Peaks’ Is the Point, Not the Problem in New York Observer.

The Lynchian Gaze: David Lynch and Nudity in Film on Cultural August 28, 2014

First of my six part retrospective series on David Lynch, featuring Eraserhead.

Second of my six part retrospective on David Lynch, featuring Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, and Dune.

Third of my six part retrospective on David Lynch, featuring Twin Peaks.

Fourth of my six part retrospective on David Lynch, featuring Lost Highway and Wild At Heart.

Fifth of my six part retrospective on David Lynch, featuring Mulholland Drive.

Last of my six part retrospective on David Lynch, featuring The Straight Story and Inland Empire.


December 2020 - Interview by The Grey Rooms about my story and horror in general.

December 2020 - The Grey Room Podcast's interview preceding the release of a podcast of the story "Too Much".

Television & Film:

July 2017 - Essay entitled "Saving Hitler's Life" appearing in "The Man in The High Castle" available on amazon

'How the X-Files Responded to the End of History'. February 2016

HBO Drama, Show Me A Hero.  August 28, 2015.

HBO Drama, True Detective Season Two. August 14, 2015.

The Literary Noir Roots of HBO's True Detective. July 10, 2015.

HBO Drama, Game of Thrones and The Art of Pacing. June 18, 2015.

HBO Drama, Mad Men Fortune Favors the Bold: Mad Men Rushes Toward The End. May 10, 2015.

The Drunk Monkeys Star Wars Discussion Series: A New Hope (1977). April 7, 2015

A Phone Call That Went Better Than Expected: Season One of Better Call Saul. April 6, 2015

HBO Drama Boardwalk Empire Finale. October 27, 2014

TV Drama Lost Retrospective for Season Two. September 11, 2014

The Leftovers, an HBO series. September 3, 2014

TV Drama Lost Retrospective for Season One. July 22, 2014

HBO Drama, True Detective Season One. March 9, 2014.

“Coward, Any Day: The Humanism of Doctor Who". November 20, 2013

"Sticking the Landing: The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Why Finales Matter". October 7, 2013

"Boardwalk Empire: “New York Sour,” or Nucky Thompson is Back in Action". September 8th, 2013

"Mad Men, a Show Born from The Sopranos." Screen Spy. April 2013. Available on in "Drunk Monkeys Anthology Volume One".

"Batman, The Progressive Superhero." The Progressive Populist. Vol. 18. No. 12. July 1, 2012.